Nova joined the Fediverse!


Since I am an exiled from the big tech companies I looked for alternatives to communicate with people on the Internet.

Chapter 1 :

Since September 1st , 2020 I joined Mastodon on the instance and posted my first "toot" ever , it was both liked and replied from people of the Fediverse , I started making friends there and the day later I opened my diaspora* and Pixelfed accounts to start posting varied content there.

Chapter 2 :

Then the phenomenon in itself started growing and I became more active in there. Some days later I started playing in Pleroma on Land of Kittens and then on PeerTube in the OpenTube instance but due to some troubles with that instance I closed and then opened another account in there with no success in uploading a single video I made!

Chapter 3 :

I left PeerTube for a while until I found koyu's PeerTube instance and joined there and it was worth the try. I also went curious about the Fediverse and joined Misskey in the instance and it was so fun that I am staying in there too! Actually I'm trying out Plume and I found it very interesting too. I think I'm gonna stay on the Fedi for a long time. Thanks to all of you in there!

--> Spanish version is in here