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Algo nuevo por ahí?

Che cos’è l’interoperabilità e perché è così importante instance review (PeerTube)

A review of, a popular PeerTube instance instance review (Mastodon)

A review of, the Mastodon instance for sex workers instance review (Mastodon)

A review of, the second-most popular (and surprisingly controversial) instance on the Fediverse instance review (Mastodon)

A review of the instance, the most popular instance on the Fediverse.

Who am I?  Why am I here?

An introductory post explaining the purpose of this blog.

Redes Sociais e o Pensamento Centralista

Precisamos apoiar e promover as redes sociais descentralizadas!


A bit about yours truly

Utiliser vim dans le browser ?

Stuff I'd like to implement

... but that I'll never have time to do

Checking in with Plume

It's been a while - let's find out what's new!