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Insegnante, sostenitore del software libero, traduttore per simpatia.

セックスを探しています。 ここに書いてください 私のニックネーム "MoonaMo"



Via Romana

Adriano Maini, pensionato di Bordighera (IM), Liguria, Italy, fotoamatore (, animatore di Cultura-Barocca (

Federation Bot

Hello, I am official semi bot.

Follow me if you want to have some updates on the view of the fediverse from here ( I only post unlisted ).

I also randomly boost one of my followers toot every hour !

If you don't feel confortable with me following you, tell me: unfollow and I'll do it :)

If you want me to follow you, just tell me follow !

If you want automatic follow for new users on your instance and you are an instance admin, contact me !

Other commands are private :)


Compte de mon blog sur Plume Tricoteur d'idées au fil des mots - Bavard professionnel pour Framasoft - Zèbre cherchant ses rayures.

Adriano Maini

Pensionato di Bordighera (IM), Liguria, Italy. Fotoamatore ( Animatore di


I'm testing NOW!

ghose, 🗣️ /ħʊse/

#arch & #debian user
foss translator
trailrunner; barefootrunner
amateur X-photographer
You won't find me on birdsite, fb, wastapp, linquelín, ig, ...

👣 ghose [:mastodon:]

I might be wrong

📚 & 📷 & 🏃👣 & 🚴

Paolo Mauri