English parents are guided by school grades. For example, there were two Czechs and one Pole in my class. At a meeting after a serious check, all “our” parents asked about grades, and only Czechs and Poles asked something like: “How did you feel? Did you worry? And that's right.

It is difficult to say who has more psychological problems - an excellent student or a loser. A students who are diligent and “receive” their fives are anxious children with low self-esteem. If your child can't do their homework on their own, there's always a reason. Lane has nothing to do with it. In psychology, there is absolutely no such category as "laziness". Laziness always comes down to a lack of motivation and freedom.

Among the reasons why a child does not do homework can be anything: increased intracranial pressure, hypertension, psychological problems (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder). And instead of spending evenings together on textbooks, it is better to try to find out this cause and work on eliminating it.

There are parents who want to raise responsible, independent and successful children, then they need to stop so that the children use someone else's help. Yes, there are times when you need to turn to professional essay editor BidForWriting, but it doesn't happen that often! And there are parents whose goal is complete control over the child, and for whom he grows up there, it is not so important - the main thing is that he does not go off the leash. How often because of worries about grades, families literally fall apart, relationships are destroyed, parents and children get divorced, sometimes forever.

The psyche of teenagers has already been honed, and the months of preparing for exams are becoming really dark times for the family: neurosis and depression are haunting everyone, causing tantrums, illness and almost suicide. How to avoid this nightmare or at least minimize the consequences?

I think focus on love and eternal values. To think that soon, when all grades and exams are erased from memory, only one thing will be important: have you lost closeness, trust, understanding, friendship with your child? In the end, you can get an A and lose your daughter. Let him pass the exam “in order to enroll his son in the institute,” but he will not resume relations.