How to Save Money on Crane Parts

When it comes to maintaining and repairing cranes, having access to affordable crane parts is crucial for companies and crane owners. Crane parts can be quite expensive, especially when purchasing from OEMs (original equipment manufacturers). However, there are several effective tips that can help you save money when buying necessary crane parts.

Search Multiple Suppliers

The first step is to search across multiple crane parts suppliers to compare prices. There is often significant price variation between suppliers for the same crane components. Create a list of reputable crane parts distributors and manufacturers and thoroughly compare quotes. This extra effort can lead to major cost savings on parts purchases. Be open to exploring lesser-known brands too, as they frequently offer discounts compared to premium OEM parts.

Buy in Bulk

Purchasing crane parts in bulk quantities can qualify your business for wholesale or volume pricing. Suppliers will often apply discounts for large orders placed. If your crane fleet requires continual replacement of high-wear components like hoist gearboxes or wire rope, buying these crane parts in bulk will lower your overall costs. Just be careful not to over-purchase inventory you may not use quickly enough.

Consider Aftermarket or Refurbished Parts

Rather than new OEM crane parts, consider aftermarket or refurbished replacements which can cost 40% to 60% less. Aftermarket parts are made by third-party manufacturers to match OEM component specifications at discounted prices. And refurbished parts are genuine OEM components that have been professionally rebuilt and restored. Both aftermarket and refurbished crane parts undergo rigorous quality testing to verify their durability and performance match new OEM parts.

Use Parts Suppliers That Offer Warranties

Reputable crane parts supplier will stand behind their components by offering part warranties. Opt for suppliers guaranteeing performance, life expectancy, and coverage for issues with any parts you purchase. Warranties protect owners against premature crane parts failures and save money on replacement component expenses during the warranty period. Only purchase crane parts from suppliers backing their products.

Following these key tips when buying necessary crane parts for your lifting equipment can add up to major maintenance budget savings. Being a savvy purchaser, exploring your options, and leveraging part warranties lets you keep machines running affordably. Put these crane parts buying best practices to work for securing components at the lowest prices.