Integrating Quotes and Evidence in APA: Essential Guidelines 2022

Are you unable to integrate quotes and evidence in your paper following APA format? Most of the students from school and college face this problem as they lack a proper understanding of using APA format and in-text citations academic writing requires following a standard formatting style to cite references and structure a paper.

Almost every essay requires to be written using the many formatting styles such as APA, MLA, Chicago, etc. Therefore, to get high scores, students must learn these formatting styles. You can get help from an expert essay writer for good results.

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In any kind of academic paper, it is necessary to use outside sources to support the claim of the paper and to make it more authentic. Writers use direct quotes and shreds of evidence from other sources to support their arguments in the paper.

However, if you cite any outside source in your paper, you need to give credit to its author to show intellectual honesty. Therefore, citations are very important for any paper and their correct use and formatting are also essential for producing a standard paper.

Students, however, fail to acknowledge this essential component in their essays and get lower grades from their professors. If anyone is facing difficulty in using a particular style, she should consult the essay writing service of her college to get help.

Again, many of the students look for help from other sources that cost them both good content and money. Asking others to do your work seems odd and equally unintellectual in the context of academic writing.

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There are various methods to use quotes and evidence in your paper by using APA format. Generally, the APA format is used by American Psychological Association in its writings but humanities disciplines also use this style of formatting. Following are some ways to use quotes and evidence in your essays.

Direct quotes

Direct quotes in a text are borrowed from outside sources to back the argument or to give an actual account of another author.  APA format follows the author-date method for in-text citations.

It means you will write my essay with the last name of the author and the date of publication of the source. Therefore, when you are not using a general idea of an outside source and using a direct quote instead use the following method.

For instance, (Jones, 2009, p.3), or in case you have used multiple pages it will appear as (Jones, 2009, pp.3-7) and its full reference will be mentioned at the end of the paper in the reference section. A direct quote can be cited as according to Jones (2009) “………….” (p.3) or as Jones (2009) held “…….” (pp.3-7).

Moreover, if you use the title of the source in your paper, italicize all words having four or more characters. Yet, if you do not italicize the title in the reference list, do not italicize it in the in-text citation. Instead, use case quotation marks for the tile. 

An Evidence 

Evidence in the text that is from an outside source needs to be cited in the text and a complete reference of that source must be added in the reference section of the paper at the end. For instance, if you have used an idea from a source you will cite as follows, (Jones, 2000), and Jones (2000) found that … or as (Jones, 2000).

However, while citing evidence, you may not use page number in the in-text citation but you can add one if you like.  Page numbers are encouraged when there is a summary of a longer text or paraphrasing. Then it is necessary to cite the page number as well in APA format.