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Making it easier to contribute to Plume

Automated deployments, live translation, and better contribution guides


A bit about yours truly

Checking in with Plume

It's been a while - let's find out what's new!

New Plume Alpha

After a few months without publishing about Plume, we are pleased to announce that a new alpha version has been released today.

Ré-ouverture de mon blog photo

Nouveau départ sur `La plume photographique`

testing in production


Let's test the new inbox code

Two Features that will Help Plume Take Off

Feature requests for Plume developers

Test des médias sur Plume

Avec un sous-titre pour tester un peu plus

Entrée dans la fédération

Mon premier vrai post sur Plume

Following the same person on different platforms

Will there be many platforms or one all-in-one platform?

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